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Deliana Noel

About the Artist

Deliana Noel is an amateur photographer in Arizona who loves animals and nature. The images offered here are a small selection of the photographs taken in and around mostly Tucson, but also Sedona, Arizona. More can be found on Deliana Noel on If you see an image on that you would like converted to a Sound Art™ piece, please let us know.

Sean Parker

About the Artist

Artist Background – “My name is Sean Parker and I’m a professional photographer / time-lapse cinematographer based in Tucson, Arizona. I hold a strong passion for capturing the beauty in our universe, so I specialize in all types of photography, but what I’m most passionate about and internationally renowned for is my landscape and astrophotography work. I’ve been featured in many publications, commercials and projects with companies such as; Smithsonian, Discovery, LG, Samsung, Annapurna Films, New York Times, Arizona Highways and more! I’ve always had an artistic side. Growing up I used to play music and take cellphone photos of the places I visited, but it was only until 2011 when I found my niche for the art of photography.”

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Peggy Rubin

About the Artist

Artist’s Statement – “Working as a professional writer for most of my adult years, I was always intrigued by the visual arts. But it wasn’t until a totally unexpected move to Tucson that I was inspired to take my first art class. In abstract painting, I knew at once that my soul had found what it had been looking for.

I approach each blank canvas as a potential miracle. Free from the boundaries of realism, I try to create rhythmic layers of colors, textures, shapes, and intensities that evolve into more than just a visually appealing work of art. I hope to create an emotional dynamic that reaches out not only to the senses, but most especially, to the mind and the heart.”

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Nicoleta Dinuta

About the Artist

Nicoleta is an amazing artist.

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