We have put together a list of FAQ’s that will help you answer questions you may have about Sound Art.

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We have posted the operating manuals for ONSIA Sound Art below. If you have any questions please contact us for support. We will be here to help you enjoy your Sound Art for years to come!

There are three (3) things to be aware of when you are choosing a photo to upload and use for Sound Art.


Quality is in the eye of the beholder. It is a combination of what you like and what can be done with what you have. Sometimes you may have a quality picture when looked at as a small photo, but when enlarged it becomes corrupted and will look bad.

Whatever you end up using, the bottom line is…does it look good to you.


The size of the files should not be more than five megabytes (5Mg).

Normally a file with a size of one megabyte (1Mg) to three megabytes (3Mg’s) are good enough for uploading.

However, sometimes a big file size does not equate to a good picture. Please check with your Onsia Reseller if you have any questions about file size and quality.

When you upload your photos, please use a file with one of the following extensions.

.jpeg / .jpg

Example = Myphoto.jpeg, Myphoto.jpg, and Myphoto.png


** .JPEG / .JPG (Preferred format)

The JPEG or JPG image format is otherwise known as the Joint Photographic Experts Group and the name actually refers to the compression method utilized to store the image data. JPEG is the most commonly recognized file extension for image files and is supported by digital cameras as well as they generally output in .jpg format. The size of JPEG images varies depending upon the content of the image as well as how highly it is compressed. High compression in JPEG images creates a grainy look and an overall poor quality image. JPEG images are characterized by a 24-bit total, meaning that they carry 8-bits per color.

**.PNG (preferred format)

The PNG is also known as the Portable Network Graphics file format and was produced as a successor to the GIF as it supports many more colors than the GIF extension. PNG files tend to be larger than JPEG images; however, they have the ability to incorporate transparent backgrounds making them useful when incorporating them in to web design elements.


The TIFF image format is also known as the Tagged Image File Format and while it is not generally utilized online due to the large size of these images, it is widely accepted in other fields including print and photography. Some digital cameras allow for .TIFF files to be saved directly to the memory of the camera rather than JPEG formats. Where JPEG files only allow for a 24-bit total, the TIFF format can allow for either 24 or 48-bit totals making them much larger.


RAW file formats are image formats that are produced by digital cameras with this function. RAW format is just what it sounds like and a raw format of a picture that is not optimized or compressed making them extremely large. RAW images still compress data but they do so to a smaller extent resulting in far less data being passed over. Working with RAW image files utilizing image editing software can be particularly time-consuming due to the sheer size of individual files.


The GIF file extension is also known as the Graphics Interchange Format and is a particularly limited image extension in that it only allows for 256 colors. Such a limited color palette makes it difficult to work with photographic images in GIF form; however, hand drawn elements such as clip art are much more supported by this extension. The most commonly used method of using the GIF extension is to use it for animated images such as flashing banners and advertisements.


The BMP file format is also referred to as the Windows bitmap file extension and is utilized by the Windows operating system. At one time BMP files were popularly used; however, due to their large size they are rarely utilized anymore. Bitmap files are easy to work with on Windows operating systems; however, their size makes them impractical and they can be difficult to work with when utilizing Mac based operating systems.


PSD files are not so much image files as they are graphic source files that belong to the Adobe software Photoshop. Photoshop documents allow for saving of images along with any editing adjustments that have been made to the original image. PSD files cannot be directly displayed in browsers and must be exported in another image format; however, they are utilized with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (as well as a variety of other Adobe based software) to make adjustments to images before exporting. Adobe Photoshop image files can be worked with on both Windows and Mac operating systems and allow for a wide range of photo edits and adjustments to be made to an existing image as well as for original images to be created.


PSP image files are similar to Adobe Photoshop documents only they are created for the Corel Paint Shop Pro software. Paint Shop Pro is not as widely utilized by professional designers and image editors; however, since it is often included in software packages when purchasing a new computer where Adobe Photoshop is not, many home users utilize this image editor.

ONSIA® Bluetooth Sound Art™ is rechargeable and has a Standby time of 30 days. This means you can leave your Bluetooth Sound Art™ ON all the time allowing you to play music whenever you want. Just pair your Bluetooth device and play your favorite music. ONSIA® Bluetooth Sound Art™ Wireless Speakers will automatically go into a power saving mode when the music stops or is paused allowing it to remain on standby for up to 30 days.

No wires, no mess… no stress!

Your Bluetooth Sound Art™ canvas uses the company’s own cutting-edge ONSIA® flat panel speaker resulting in an almost flat profile. Bluetooth Sound Art™ features a slim profile making it indistinguishable from a canvas or museum wrap art piece.

Get rid of those bulky and unsightly speakers, hang your beautiful Bluetooth Sound Art™ on your wall to complement, accent and fill your living space with rich warm sound.

1″ Thick Specs

  • 5v Sound Art™ Model
  • Standby Time 30-45 days
  • Battery Life 10-12 hours (Standard Usage)
  • Audio Output Power: 2.8 watts RMS (5.6 watts peak)

1 3/4″ Thick Specs

  • 12v Sound Art™ Model
  • Standby Time 45-60 days
  • Battery Life 7-10 days (Standard Usage)
  • Audio Output Power: 10 watts RMS (20 watts peak)

The rear charging port (12×18 and new 16×20) has an amplifier circuit that is designed so that the charger can be connected permanently without any problems,it will continue to play even if battery has passed useful life.

The 12×18 and new 16×20 also have a REPLACEABLE Lipo battery (unscrew battery compartment door,unplug battery, plug in new battery)

Lion battery cells are inside BP-3,BP-4.

Because of their very large size (larger than 24×36),returning them to Onsia is cost prohibitive.

Instead, it might be better to to leave the charger attached permanently, or acquire a flat wire wall kit @ no charge PLUS rebate.

These speakers do NOT have replaceable batteries

  • 1/ PWAT 16×20 Lipo battery
  • 2/ 9×11 Lipo battery
  • 3/ 8×10 Lipo battery

These speakers DO have replaceable batteries

  • 1/ OSA1620ST (new TWS version) Lipo battery
  • 2/ OSA1218 Lipo battery
  • 3/ (BTA 6,8) BP-3/4 Lion battery

Normal average ‘cycle times’ (number of times charging) for our Lipo batteries are 300 times.


If charged once/week…it is approx battery life of 5.8 years
If charged twice/week…it is approx battery life of 2.9 years

Normal average ‘cycle times’ (number of times charging) for our Lion batteries are 500 times.


If charged once/week…it is approx battery life of 9.6 years
If charged twice/week…it is approx battery life of 4.8 years

You custom Sound Art takes 7-10 working days to complete your order. Please contact us if you have not received your order within that time period.

(1) Acceptance of Terms
Your ONSIA® purchase is subject to this Terms of Sale. By clicking the “ORDER NOW” button and making a purchase, you acknowledge that you have read this document and agree to be bound by its terms and the Terms of Service.

This Terms of Sale is not meant to contradict, violate or run contrary to any portion of the Terms of Service which governs your use of ONSIA® services and your use of the ONSIA® Website. If any portion of the Terms of Sale is found to contradict, violate or run contrary to the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service will govern and will be the binding document with regards to that portion.

The Terms of Sale is meant to provide general information regarding policies surrounding purchases from the ONSIA® Website. The Terms of Service is hereby incorporated by reference into this document and thus by agreeing to comply with the Terms of Sale you again agree to comply with the Terms of Service.

2) Content of Your Purchase
The primary value of the ONSIA® Website (Website) is the ability for users and potential purchasers (“Users”) to create products that display any content they choose. This is done by means of computer interaction alone between the Users and the Website.

As such, you agree that no ONSIA® employee, employer, officer, owner, agent or authorized representative is responsible for monitoring the content of the products created or uploaded by Users, neither while on the website, nor after purchase and during the production process.

You agree that products that are purchased will not be checked for content, spelling errors, grammatical errors, logical errors, aesthetic quality, color matching or any other factor that is within the User’s Realm of Control through the use of the tool on the Website. You, as a User, have the responsibility during the purchasing process to check your purchase for layout and content and agree that you have done so.

“Realm of Control” refers to any part of a product that is editable by the User. Including but not limited to: color, font size, font type, font style, font color, position of text, position of graphics, color of graphics, quantity of text, quantity of graphics, spelling of text, use of text, size of graphics, justification of graphics, justification of images, or color of the background.

While ONSIA® does not review the content of your product, you still agree to be bound by the restrictions as laid out in the Terms of Service, and should it come to the attention of ONSIA® that you have violated the Terms of Service or this Terms of Sale, you agree that ONSIA® will send you notice of cancellation and your order will be canceled. You further agree that the purchase price of your order, less any cost incurred during the processing of your order and its cancellation, will be returned by signed check through the United States Postal Service, postmarked within 30 days of your receipt of notice of cancellation.

You also agree that the content of your product does not contain any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, harassing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, inflammatory, libelous, tortuous, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable, or invasive of another’s rights including but not limited to rights of celebrity, privacy and intellectual property, as provided in Paragraph 7.2 of the Terms of Service.

3) Color Matching
ONSIA® sells its products through an E-Commerce Website viewable by computers connected to the Internet. These computers may view ONSIA® products solely through their computer screens (“Monitors”). Monitors may be configured to display images and colors in a variety of ways, both through the use of hardware setup and software setup. There are many possible settings for Monitors and there is no true uniform standard to which all Monitors conform. What may look one way on one monitor, will look different on another.

Further, computer monitors display images with light and use a standard known as RGB to do so. ONSIA® produces products in a variety of ways (CMYK, PMS, and others) that do not use light.

As such, you agree that ONSIA® does not guarantee that the colors as they appear on the screen will look the same as the colors as they appear on the purchased product. ONSIA® works hard to make the colors on the screen be as true as possible to the printed colors, however, the differences in Monitors and the differences between light and pigment make it impossible to guarantee matching colors for all Users.

4) Materials
You agree that you have read our website and/or researched independently and that you know what each of these materials is and what you are buying. ONSIA® only guarantees that you will receive the materials advertised on the Website that you purchase. You agree that ONSIA® is not responsible for products received that are made of materials thought by the purchaser to be something other than advertised on the Website.

You agree that all products produced and sold by ONSIA® are for novelty purposes only. ONSIA® does not make any claims about the legal compliance or registration of products sold by ONSIA® or by a ONSIA® affiliate. You agree to check with any applicable legal authority for the standards, rules and regulations governing the types of products permitted for your particular use.

5) Uploaded Images
ONSIA® permits users to upload images onto their products through the ONSIA® Website. You agree that ONSIA® is not responsible for the quality of the images you upload. The ONSIA® Website attempts to make a “best guess” as to the best viewing distance of your image based on the internally stored DPI (Dots Per Inch) contained in the image file. The Website assumes that 100 DPI is best viewed from 3.5 feet and tries to make a best distance estimate based on that assumption.

You agree that you alone are responsible for making sure that the quality of the image you are uploading is of high enough quality to be satisfactory to you at the size you select on the sign or product that you are purchasing.

Images are created and stored in a variety of ways and you agree that ONSIA® is not responsible for ensuring quality images for any image file format available on the Website.

6) Production Time
ONSIA® works hard to ensure that orders will be produced and exit the ONSIA® facility within three business days from the date of order. The date of order is the calendar date of order if the order is placed before 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time and the next business day after the calendar date of order if the order is placed between 6:00pm and 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

This means that a purchase made at 3:00pm Monday, will be shipped out on Thursday of the same week. This production time is not guaranteed and is limited in many ways as discussed in the Shipping Policy.

You agree that ONSIA® will take at least 3 business days to produce your order and that it may take longer than 3 business days as laid out in the Shipping Policy. The Shipping Policy is hereby incorporated by reference. Moreover, you agree that our shipping time frame may depend on your response time to our inquiries regarding your order. Title to your purchased goods shall pass to you at the time ONSIA® deposits such purchased goods with its designated shipper.

7) Return and Refund Policy
You agree that ONSIA® guarantees the products it sells are free from manufacturing defects and as such will be good for 90 days after purchase of the product. If the product fails or breaks due to a manufacturing defect during that time, you agree to take a photograph of the failed or broken product and send the photograph or the original failed or broken product to ONSIA®. Upon receipt of the product or the photograph, ONSIA® will send a replacement of the product or will issue ONSIA® credit for the purchase value of the failed or broken product(s). ONSIA® credit can be used on the ONSIA® website for any purchase.

ONSIA® does not guarantee or warrant that its products will work for any intended purpose or in any set of conditions. You agree that the determination of whether a products failure or breakage is due to a manufacturing defect is within the sole discretion of ONSIA®. You further agree to provide full and complete information regarding the circumstances of the failure or breakage, including but not limited to the use of the product, the conditions the product was in, and any other information useful to an informed determination by ONSIA® as to the cause of the failure or breakage.

8) Changes to Your Order
ONSIA® provides many opportunities to review, revise and cancel the order process before actually placing your order. ONSIA® is able to offer its products at the present prices due to the efficiency of allowing the customer to create and modify their own products.

You agree that ONSIA® is not responsible for reviewing, revising or canceling orders, products or images once an order has been placed. A ONSIA® employee, employer, officer, owner or authorized agent may revise or cancel an order but is not required or obligated to do so.

You agree that you have reviewed your order and that no further additions, corrections or changes need to be made and that your order is final as is.

Last updated: May 1, 2019

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