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Peggy Rubin Art – Special Edition

This one of a kind painting was specially designed to reflect the combination of Art and Sound Art. This is your opportunity to own a beautiful Peggy Rubin piece that plays your favorite music.

No wires, no mess… no stress!

Your Bluetooth Sound Art™ canvas uses cutting-edge ONSIA® flat panel speakers, resulting in an almost flat profile. The slim profile is similar in size to typical canvas or museum wrap art pieces. Playing music is easy, just pair your Bluetooth equipped device to the Sound Art™ canvas and play your favorite music.

The Bluetooth Sound Art™ canvas is rechargeable, with a standby time of 30 days. You can leave the Bluetooth Sound Art™ ON all times allowing you to play music whenever you want desire. The Sound Art™ canvas will automatically go into a power saving mode when the music stops, extending the battery life.

1″ Thick Specs:

5 Series Sound Art™ Model
Standby Time: 30-45 days
Battery Life: 10-12 hours (Standard Usage)
Audio Output Power: 2.8 watts RMS (5.6 watts peak)

1 3/4″ Thick Specs:

12 Series Sound Art™ Model
Standby Time: 45-60 days
Battery Life: 7-10 days (Standard Usage)
Audio Output Power: 10 watts RMS (20 watts peak)